Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Crazy Cat Lady Chronicles - A Preface

I still remember how big a pain in the ass our move was.  I mean, it was only a month and a half ago.  How could I forget?  Finding the perfect apartment in Manhattan can be difficult but fortunately for us that part was the easiest.  The pain, sweat and some tears (mine, of course) were the result of moving 30 plus boxes 30 blocks south in a five hour time frame for hundreds of dollars.  

The unpacking of these boxes was most unpleasant.  Due to our downsizing of square footage (we traded 650 sf for approx 475 sf), we had to unpack all the boxes before we were even able to assemble our dining room table.  Chairs were stacked on chairs in the kitchen.  Pots and pans were placed on our bed and the apartment was so tight that I must have banged my shins into the sharp corner of our bed 10x that first week.  Ah, city livin'.

Once we found homes for all of our joint belongings, we were excited to begin hanging up paintings and start on a few home projects.  Please note, our building is almost 100 years old so when I say there are a few home projects to start, I mean there are quite a bit of home improvements that can be made.  Like ten thousand of them.  The place does have potential though and the most charming little kitchen (I promise to post pics when all is perfect).

We met a few young neighbors during our first week in our cute apartment and a few grumpy old ones as well.  Our next door neighbor - let's call her Ms. C - was extremely chatty and friendly that first week.  Ms. C would knock on our door every time she heard us walk into our apartment and chat with us or ask us for a favor.  Maybe some help lifting a heavy bag of kitty litter out of her shopping cart or maybe she needed someone to help her bring a table down the elevator for her weekend stoop sale.  

Although I started to find Ms. C to be extremely annoying and a bit rude and pessimistic - especially when she pointed out they did a shitty job in cleaning and refurbishing my wood floors compared to her beautiful and shiny wood floors and Hey! why don't you take a look for yourself - Ben couldn't say "NO" to her.

Who would have thought that being nice to a lonely lady with a cute little red kitten could have turned into a literal shitshow?  And who would have known that the scary notes that were taped in our hallway over the next few weeks and the debris and trash that would be scattered on our doorstep weren't cryptic messages meant to scare us but part of a "manic" phase of bipolar disorder?

Because I gotta tell you, I didn't figure any of that out until we were already knee deep in this shit*. 

*Pun definitely intended

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