Monday, September 21, 2009

Manic Monday

See what I did there?  I added a somewhat predictable title to this post but then I totally went for a bit of irony since my literally "manic" crazy cat lady neighbor started showing her tell-tale signs of mania today. 

After a peaceful week long break from the cat lady's antics, we are now back to smoky halls and crazy notes being posted in our apartment building.  And no, the cat lady was not on a fabulous week long trip to Bermuda or Bora Bora but visiting a hospital.  If today's note is any indicator, she will attempt to destroy our lives (and the landing outside of our front door) in T minus 5 days.


Creepy yet funny note on our shared bulletin board in lobby

You see, when I first moved into this apartment and the crazy cat lady neighbor was seemingly (kind of) normal, we had a conversation about the laundry room.  She told me to be careful of leaving anything in the dryer because there was a person who stole ladies undergarments.  I can't believe I actually believed her and thought some sick bastard really took peoples underwear out of the wash.  How sick.  And how gullible of me.

I laughed so hard when I saw this note after work today.  I was laughing all the way up to the my front door.  I walked in the door hunched over and squealing with laughter when Ben asked me, "Did you find her underwear and put them on her door?" and I lost it again.

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