Monday, October 5, 2009

Accents & Leather Jackets

My friend Big Apple Angie invited me to grab a drink with her last Thursday at the John Varvatos Store at 315 Bowery. The super cool thing about this store is that it used to be the home of CBGB (Country Bluegrass and Blues – did you know that’s what it actually stands for?), a music club best known for its punk rock scene. The club propelled some of my favorite bands to stardom, among them Talking Heads, Ramones and Blondie.

After a quickie dinner and getting lost somewhere near Chinatown we finally made it to the Varvatos store. Angie didn’t have much information on the event, only that her friend’s husband was having a jam session at the store and that there would be free booze, both of which were fine with me. Free booze and live music = good time for Lex.

The place was packed. Apparently we didn’t get the “leather and lace” memo. I felt a bit out of place in my JCrew dress, Nanette Lepore coat dress, and gray booties. I do have a funky tragus piercing so that could have worked in my favor however, my office chic look was a tad misplaced and dominated what little coolness I possibly possessed that night. Womp womp womp…

Angie’s friend’s husband was lead singer/guitarist for a band called Slinky Vagabond. They played a lot of their original music but also gave a nod to Talking Heads with “Psycho Killer”, which was totally awesome! Their fans were made up of middle aged rockers going crazy to the music.

There were lots of models flitting about and accents and leather and Mohawks. Besides the fact that we felt like total dorks surrounded by so much punk fabulousness, we had a blast people watching, getting our punk rock on and those free whiskey lemonades weren’t too shabby either!

Thanks Ang for a rockin Thursday night!

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