Monday, November 9, 2009

One Eyed Jackie

We looked at an apartment today.

Another apartment within our building. I guess our management really does have a soft side and feels guilty for renting us an apartment next to a bat shit crazy woman. Welcome to the neighborhood, suckers!

There are many pros and cons with the other apartment including less storage space but bigger kitchen. Smaller bathroom space but maybe some room for our dining room table in another area. Yada yada. I could go on and bore you but I won't.

The BEST pro of all is the free cat!!!

Yeah, you read that right. The girl that's moving out can't take her newly adopted kitty with her. The sole fact that the kitty was adopted and is now being brought back to the animal shelter is really heartbreaking to me. She's the cutest little thing (I played with her the whole time while Ben was planning out where our furniture should go. Whoops!). She's black and has a little white mark and oh yeah... she's missing an eye. Minor detail. But I actually think that it adds to her cuteness. Am I a weirdo for thinking that? Anyhow, if I could adopt her I'd name her One Eyed Jackie (she's a female, after all).

I've been begging Ben all night if we can keep her but he's not budging. Nevermind the fact that he has severe pet allergies - they were so bad at the apartment showing that he had to leave - but he is telling me that I should start slow with a turtle or fish first. He's explaining how I'd need to clean the litter box and what a big responsibility that would be for me. I am sad.

And in kind of related news, we found something out tonight that was truly disturbing. Our crazy neighbor had a kitty cat that was taken from her the second time she was hospitalized. Ben always thought it was weird that she named the cat a human's name. I didn't give it a second thought.

Tonight while we were seeing this apartment the woman tells us about her past experiences with our neighbor and that her ex-boyfriend "J" used to help her with things around her apartment.

Ben says, "Our crazy neighbors cat was named "J" too."

We both looked at one another and were like, NO WAY! We all started laughing and the woman says that she can't believe it and is calling her ex to tell him. I'm dying laughing because, Come On! this is weird shit! I mean, she's naming cats after men who have helped her in the building? Are we going to come to find out that she has a little dog named Ben hiding out in her apartment with her too?

That is just plain freaky!

And on that note, I bid you all goodnight.

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